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June 02, 2006



This idea of "institutional power" is wrong. You should look at a person's political policies, not their gender or race.Just because most in the congress are men does not mean that the average man does well under their policies.85% of the homeless are men. Almost all of the jailed in the U.S. are men as well.If women held all the political positions yet all other women were homeless,sick or poor, they wouldn't be fooled into thinking they had automatic institutional power, at least I hope not. So don't be fooled by this argument either.And we shouldn't feel sorry for anyone who has 30,000 dollars, and a nice house, just because someone else is rich and is on the supreme court.Economic envy doesn't work.And someone who has less money and is not bank president is not automatically oppressed. And Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the supreme court are not "token" women on the court.They worked for it,like everyone else.We shouldn't need 50-50 representation to prove that someone isn't a token. America is the richest nation on earth. Even some of our poor are much better off than the poor in third world countries. It's about time fat, comfortable, middle-class Americans would be grateful for what they have!! including the socialists! Feminists in general would still consider themselves worse off even if women were 90% of the population and the men were all serfs. Some would actually turn in their cards, and admit, enough already, in terms of the gender war against men. many wouldn't, though. And anyone can be sexist. They don't need someone's definition of "institutional power" to make it stand up. You said, "I want to start by defining power as the ability to impose one’s will on the world." This is absolutely false. No one should want this sort of "power". Not calling it silly, but wanting women to "join" men in having this fleeting power to impose their "will" on the world, isn't a positive strategy at all.And Mothers have power over children.Yes,So do dads.However it's typical of the politically correct zombies to ignore when women have power over a person, but make political hay over men having more power over someone. We agree on one thing, this penniless college student won't be extending any victim-hood sympathy for the 20,000 dollar earner can't get promoted in their corporate company, female or male. I have many more myths to destroy,later.

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