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November 05, 2005



I'm not an expert on WWII, but I'll venture a couple of comments anyway.
1) Who are these people who think the red army did all the work? I've never heard anyone say that in all my years of serious WWII study (i.e. watching a lot of the history channel).
2)This isn't really related to your post (and perhaps I don't know what I'm talking about anyway), but I think WWII as portrayed in the media, introductory history texts etc... is falsely assumed to be a good guy vs. bad guy scenario. It was in fact a bad guy vs. badder guy scenario. In other words, the allies weren't white knights:
1)Stalin starved more Russian peasants than people killed in the Holocost (not to mention the fact that he cut a deal with Hitler to split up Poland).
2) The allies fire bombed the city of Dreseden, a city with no military value and that was full of civilian war refugees.(I recommend people read Kurt Vonnegut's Slaugter House Five to get a perspective on this sick act).
3) The allies made the rise of Hitler possible in the first place by placing draconian punishments on the Germans after WWI (though this was largely the fault of France, Wilson can't be blamed for this).
4) FDR places people of Japaneese descent in relocation camps.
5) Truman nukes two cities, killing thousands of innocent civilans.
6) The U.S. tests the first atom bomb despite the fact that the scientists working on the project were not sure that the chain reaction created by the bomb would ever stop (i.e. they didn't know if testing this thing would destroy all life on Earth).


Oh most of the U.S. hating world enjoy's saying that the Reds did all the work in WW2. It's just one of those things.

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